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Employer-Sponsored Dental Plans

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Dental coverage is easy to get when your employer helps out!

Brushery offers Employer-Sponsored Dental Plans to help employers keep employees healthy and well throughout the year

These plans provide employees easy to understand benefits, no waiting periods, no complex paperwork - and can be started and stopped on a monthly basis without penalty

Benefit managers can simply register each employee by selecting the plan and following the prompts. Managers can start and stop coverage for employees on a monthly basis. Only a Paypal account is needed.

To find out if your employer participates with Brushery's Employer-Sponsored Dental Plan, please contact your supervisor


Employer-Sponsored Dental Plan



Every month

Must be Contracted with an Authorized Employer

Valid until canceled

2 Exams (either comprehensive, periodic, or limited) / year

Any recommended x-rays / year

2 preventative procedures (prophylaxis) / year

50-100% off services, except orthodontics and whitening

No annual maximum

No pre-authorizations needed

Immediate eligibility, no waiting period


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Member Sign-In

This login gives access to existing plans purchased through the website and the ability to edit and update payment methods for both individuals and benefit managers

For help logging in, viewing existing plans, or any additional questions, please contact us by email

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